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Guarantee and return of goods


• On the case of furniture, there is an official guarantee from virobniks;

• Terms of guarantee - 12 months for the furniture. Dodatkova garant_ya 24 months, get a virobnik on the head of the engineering universities and nonsense details of my furniture;

• Pidtverdzhennyam guarantor є guarantor coupon, which client will be removed upon delivery;

• In case of rejection of the goods, the integrity of the packaging should be reversed, the re-alignment of the warehouse and the mirror;

• A guarantee to be rewarded with the help of the pick up by the main officers of the service department of the company "Baltic House". Since the collection is carried out independently, it is necessary to revise all warehouse details for marriage. If defects are found, folding is necessary, so that the details of the collection are not forwarded to be turned or changed and given to us (for the phone, indicated in the supervisory documents), the factory packaging should be left in the fold;

• The guarantee can be canceled if the details are shipped as a result of self-assembly, mechanical injection, misbehaving or incorrect exploitation. In such cases, repairs are carried out for the purchase;

• The guarantee is not given for the goods, as the buyer at the time of the sale of the information about the defect of the goods і having removed the additional information;

* Warranty coupon, the consignment note is collected until the end of the warranty term;

Turning goods

• The buyer has the right to turn or change the goods for a period of 14 days, if he didn’t go for the size, color or form for saving the goods for the eyes, factory packaging, labeling and labels;

• Turning or changing is not carried out even if the goods are prepared individually, in a non-standard size, in a non-standard fabric;

• Turning and replacing the goods does not work, since at the time of purchase more than 30 days have passed, when the goods were changed by the service service, the factory packaging has been damaged;

• Turning of pennies needs to go to the housekeeping side within 3 working days from the moment of registration, the purchase is submitted and the necessary documents are provided before the legislation of Ukraine (copy of the passport, copy of the passport);

* At the time of the turnover, regarding the received goods, the deputy will pay for the delivery to the offense;