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Buy Type 18 TV stand Manhattan arctic white/bardolino

Price: 2,080 грн.
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TV stand Type 18 Manhattan arctic white/bardolino sawn oak


Width: 105,1 cm

Height: 15.8 cm

Depth: 50 cm

Weight: 20,5 KG

Case material: laminated chipboard (thickness 16 mm and 22 mm)

Facade material: MDF (thickness 16 mm and 22 mm)

Color: arctic white/bardolino sawn oak

1 PC. TV extension for cabinet type 10, contains 12x transformer for the entire combination for recessed LED lighting (210 cm) Metal handles with a pitch of 128 mm. The set includes plastic fasteners 10 mm high. Possibility to order shock absorbers for glass and wooden doors. Built-in ceiling lighting.

Main parameters
Width 105,1 cm
Height 15,8 cm
Depth 50 cm
Material Housing material: chipboard (thickness 16 mm and 22 mm) Facade material: MDF (thickness 22 mm)
Colour arctic white/bardolino sawn oak