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Ways to pay in the online store and in Lithuanian furniture stores ™ Baltic House near Kiev metro station.

1. Online payment on the site

Payment by payment card online. Payment is made through Platon's over-the-counter payment system. Commission for the payment of a daily replacement. Once you have a replacement, the manager will add money to your card for 3 bank days. Yakshcho vypevneni in the substituted, that meant the vіdpovіdne field - the purchase of goods will be displayed without contact with the manager.

2. Payment via terminal

Vibravshi goods bezposeredno at our storey shops near metro Kiev you can pay for the goods through the terminal, pay for additional cards.

3. Non-compliant rozrakhunok.

Payment for goods will be received for a free payment through the cashier of any bank, the invoice has been displayed for payment. In the case of "Privatbank", "Oschad Bank" and "Sich" bank, payment is accepted without commission.

4. Payment on credit.

For owners of PRIVATBANK cards "Universalna", "Universalna GOLD", or cards for VIP clients (Platinum, Infinite, World Signia / Elite) “Mittva rozstrochka” and “Payment by installments” - now two services from Privatbank are available in online stores on the BalticHome website. "Mittєva rozstrochka" - distribution of goods for payment by months. Comissia for the client to become 2.9%. The maximum term for which it is possible to issue a payment line is up to 24 months. "Payment by installments" - distribution of goods for payment on a monthly basis with a payment of 0.01%. The service "Payment in installments" is transferred without commission and overpayments to pay for the purchase in installments. The parity of the goods can be distributed for 24 payments - for one payment up to the 25th day of the skin month. You can use the services "Mittєva rozstrochka" and "Payment by installments": be the owner of PrivatBank cards "Universalna", "Universalna GOLD", or cards for VIP-clients (Platinum, Infinite, World Signia / Elite); mother to the bank card credit limit. The fault is not less than one thousandth payment from the sum of your purchase. Pennies will be charged automatically. It is possible to buy goods on our website using the services of 'Mittитva rozstrochka' and 'Payment in parts', it is possible to use the telephone mode. At the right side of the box, you need to vibrate with the "Buy on credit" option. The system will automatically display the 'wink', no matter what: it is faster with the service "Mitta rozstrochka" or "Payment in parts", and the number of payments will be vibrated. In the same place, you will be shown the sum of the sum of the payment for the return period / payment in installments. If you are still found with the vibrator of the service from Privatbank, press the "CONTINUE" button. The goods are consumed in the basket, and the manager will ask about those who want to add the goods. The manager will call you back to clarify all your requests for replacement.