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Buy modular corner sofa KOSMO

Price: 118,655 грн.
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Modular corner sofa KOSMO

Modular furniture. You will be able to develop an individual furniture composition in accordance with your own wishes or needs. Create your own furniture composition from a large option: deckchair, armchair, part of a corner sofa, shelf and pouffe. Every element is separate but together a totally harmonious element of the set. Choose which parts you want and connect them into an individual and unique furniture composition, which you will be able to distribute as you wish.


Width: 351 cm

Depth: 177 cm

Height: 73 cm

Sleeping place: not folding.

Legs material: plastic

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Main parameters
Width 351 cm
Height 73 cm
Depth 177 cm
Transformation mechanism without mechanism, adjustable head rests.
Country of origin Lithuania

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