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Buy corner sofa ATLANTIC 270 left Stock

Price: 99,553 грн. Price: 124,442 грн.
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Corner sofa ATLANTIC 270 left Stock

This furniture has been designed so that if it is necessary you could adjust the height of the supporting pillow. Adjusting pillows of the backrest allow everyone to set the most convenient position for the back and the head.


Width: 267 cm

Depth: 178 cm

Height: 82 cm

Sleeping place: 130x210

Legs material: birch wood

Finishing material: Genuine leather Lambada 4003 pearl (Spain) Sofa with sleeping function for daily sleep and storage box, dolphin mechanism. An Atlantic leather armchair is taking part in the promotion. The price is valid for the item in stock. When buying a product under the order, a 15% discount, subject to full payment.
Main parameters
Width 267 cm
Height 82 cm
Depth 178 cm
Transformation mechanism sleeping mechanism 130x210, adjustable head rests.
Country of origin Lithuania

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